• DHI Philippines - The DHI Transformation


  • DHI Philippines - The DHI Transformation


  • DHI Philippines - The DHI Transformation



  • A.D. (Singapore)

    I saw this amazing transformation of my fellow doctor and that convinced me. I am so happy with my look.

  • L.S.H. (Canada)

    Without hesitation, I highly recommend DHI Phils. to cater to your hair and facial needs. You will never regret if you just put your trust and confidence in their highly skilled staff.

  • L.C. (Philippines)

    As someone who values inclusivity and gender sensitivity, I found DHI to be a safe space for all LGBT people suffering from hair insecurities. I highly recommend this to transmen/women looking for a less invasive alternative.

  • J.A. (Papua New Guinea)

    This clinic is great, with state of the art equipment, pioneering techniques and procedures, high standard professional staff they make things possible. All good, worries no more. Why not try and get rid of your cap?

  • F.V. (Philippines)

    Totally LIFE CHANGING. If you were anything like myself, even if you were fine with the thinning, you will realize how much it bothered you once they are able to fit it.

  • J.S. (Middle East)

    This is a big alteration in my life coz I used to be confident and cool guy so tap phone searching for any hair transplant clinic who could end this madness and here come DHI Philippines that caught my outmost attention for being number 1 most trusted brand award…

  • P.W. (USA)

    I was late on my 10:00 a.m appointment coming from the north outside of Manila. Nicole readjusted her schedule to accommodate mine.

    The staff headed by their medical director were so friendly. Their knowledge of their craft and the details of the orientation was excellent. The office and surgical room though small is state of the art. I had to see this for myself since I am the US trained and experience surgical nurse. I was very impressed!

  • J.S. (Philippines)

    I had a hair transplant and PRP about 7 months ago. The service was excellent and the aftercare was absolutely outstanding. They were always on hand to answer any questions I had.

    With no scarring, I can style my hair short at the back if I want (unlike with FUT) and friends and family compliment me that i look younger! I would thoroughly recommend DHI Philippines to anyone.

  • S.C. (USA)

    DHI has a patented device which does this very neatly and aligns the implants with the existing hair direction… Nothing during any of the procedure was in the slightest way painful for me.

  • D.R. (USA)

    I had a great experience with procedure. The nurses and the doctor was very nice and very professional in what they do. The staff was very knowlegeable and very caring to me from the moment I steped in to their office.

  • N.P. (Philippines)

    The procedure went well. I didn’t experience any pain, just the prick of the local anaesthesia, and then numbness. I even fell asleep during the extraction part. It lasted for four hours, and I was able to watch a movie.

    After one year, I can say that I’m fully happy with the result. I often tell people that I had hair implantation because I’m not ashamed; I’m proud. They’re often surprised and don’t believe me.

  • B.S. (Australia)

    The staff were very friendly and professional.

    I’ve done extensive research on which hair implant method would suit me and I found DHI. I’m very happy with the results and would highly recommend having DHI over the other methods. The staff were very friendly and professional, which made the operation easy.

  • N.S. (Paris)

    I was comfortable even if it took long.

    My crown area was completely empty. The procedure was not painful, only unpleasant during anaesthesia. I was comfortable even if it took long. Now my crown is full of hairs and very dense. I’m excited to see the final results!

    Very nice welcome. I was nervous at first, but felt better soon after because everyone explained the process very well; during consultation and during the procedure. Very competent team! Bravo!

  • P.L. (Philippines)

    Even after the procedure, the doctor and staff still kept in touch with my progress and offered advice on any questions that I have regarding the post-procedure treatments.

    I didn’t want to believe it at first but having hair back was a huge confidence builder and I’ve been talking about my experience to other people ever since, highly recommending they get their assessment from Clinique de Paris.


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