Visit the Philippines
for a Hair Transplant

Following the rising demand for medical tourism, DHI Philippines offers foreign visitors an opportunity to avail of a procedure while in the country. Experience a world class hair transplant in Manila, Philippines.

What To Expect?

If You Travel to the Philippines for a Hair Transplant

Corporate Rates at 5-Star Partner Hotels

We’ve partnered with two premier hotels in the city: the Makati Diamond Hotel and Discovery Primea. We can also assist you with booking another hotel of your choice.

Private Transfers and Transportation

We provide concierge pick-ups and drop-offs to the airport, and private shuttle services to and from the hotel.

Referrals to the Top Philippine Medical Specialists

Our administrators are more than happy to connect you with medical specialists around Metro Manila.

Things To Keep In Mind

When Planning for a DHI Hair Transplant in Manila
Things You Should Do
  • Book a treatment well ahead of time to ensure that you get the appropriate instructions and ideal schedule.
  • Ask us about our strong partnerships with leading internists, cosmetic surgeons, dentists and dermatologists in Makati.
  • Plan for least 3 days of downtime afterwards (gentle walking only, no exercise or perspiration), and note that swimming is HIGHLY discouraged for up to 7 days after the treatment.
Things to Avoid
  • Avoid long periods of exposure to sunlight or swimming trips for at least two weeks following your hair transplant.
  • Avoid smoking (including exposure to secondhand smoke), drinking alcohol or conducting heavy exercise for one to two weeks.
Upon Discharge


  • Your necessary post-operative medications.
  • A letter to your doctor or other DHI clinic for follow-up (upon request).Complete follow-up at regular intervals, done virtually or at the clinic.
  • A discharge letter and 100ml spray bottles for carry-on medication for patients with plans to fly.

Consumer Guide to Hair Loss & Hair Transplants