Direct Hair Implantation

Today’s most advanced hair restoration
procedure, now in Manila.
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DHI Hair Transplants: No Pain, No Scars, No Incisions.

100% Natural Results Guaranteed

Extraction Phase

Follicular units are extracted from the donor area using specialized, disposable tools. Our patented extraction tool uses a tip with a diameter of under 1mm, leaving minimal trauma on the scalp.

Follicle Sorting and Preservation

Each follicular unit is sorted and preserved for later implantation. Our clinic uses HypoThermosol™ to store extracted follicular units, and keeps them under natural conditions to ensure a higher survival rate for implanted hair.

Implantation Phase

Follicular units are implanted back into the scalp using minimally invasive tools. Our tools allow our doctors to implant hair at a precise angle and depth, without the need to create incisions before placement.

Natural Results

The final outcome of the DHI method is transformative. Hairlines are redesigned with precision and artistry, and our clients report overwhelming satisfaction with their new and natural hair.

Don’t Settle for Standard Hair Restoration.
Experience the DHI Difference.

  • We use high-precision instruments developed specifically for the DHI procedure.
  • Our treatment can cover a significantly larger area.
  • We can transplant up to 10,000 hairs
  • Our method supports rapid regrowth, and results are visible within weeks of the treatment.

  • We do not harvest in strips
  • We do not use scalpels
  • We leave no scars and cause no pain.
  • We cut no reception holes prior to implantation, unlike traditional FUT and FUE.

DHI vs. Other Common Methods

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) – Strips of scalp are harvested.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) – Cuts are made prior to extraction.

ARTAS – Reduced involvement of a doctor.

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) – Single units are harvested at a time. Patented tools ensure maximum precision and minimal trauma. Doctors are focused on treating you at all times.

DHI was developed by the DHI Global Medical Group, a pioneer in the research and treatment of hair and scalp disorders since 1970.

DHI guarantees excellence and transparency. Our high standards are set by the international protocols of the DHI method and applied during every phase of your treatment. The DHI Global Medical Group is a pioneer in the research and treatment of hair and scalp disorders since 1970.

DHI demands rigorous, intensive, and continuous training for all our doctors. We select only the finest experts in the field of hair transplantation.

DHI was developed by the DHI employs patented tools to guarantee the artistic management of your transplant from extraction to implantation. Our doctors are trained to use them to deliver clean and aesthetically pleasing results. HI Global Medical Group, a pioneer in the research and treatment of hair and scalp disorders since 1970.

DHI guarantees no pain, no incisions, and no scars. Our extractors have a punch diameter of less than 1mm, no incisions or slots are created prior to implantation.

40% of DHI patients are people who have already used a traditional transplant FUT or FUE, and want to correct results which they feel are unnatural or unsatisfactory.


Getting Ready for Your Treatment

Learn What To Expect

Before and During Your Treatment

During your initial appointment, we will conduct a diagnostic session to learn what your expectations are for the restoration of hair density in bare or thinning areas.

On treatment day, come rested and relaxed. Our medical team will attend to you immediately.

To help you relax, we offer music and films for you to choose from during the implantation phase. We also apply local anaesthesia so you can observe the progress of the procedure, and interact with our medical
team at a moment’s notice.

If you want to take a break, our lounge is yours to enjoy. Lunch and/or
snacks will be offered.

Post-Treatment Phase and Regrowth

Because of our new follicle preservation protocol, you no longer have to wait months to see your hair start to grow again. Regrowth will be visible within weeks after your treatment.

Newly transplanted hairs will be fragile for only the first three days after your transplant treatment. Afterwards, they will be perfectly positioned and you will be able to resume your normal, daily life.

We monitor your recovery and the regrowth of your newly transplanted hair during evaluation appointments set every three months during the first year following your treatment session.

Advice and Precautions

While this hair transplant treatment is safe and painless, and although we make every effort to make it a pleasant experience, there are a few rules in place to ensure that all goes well.

1. Be rested and relaxed on the day of your hair transplant. Avoid coffee, tobacco and any other stress factors before your session.

2. During the days leading up to the treatment, stop any dietary supplements you may be taking. Do not take aspirin or any other blood thinners, and avoid drinking alcohol. If you are using minoxidil, stop two days before your session, and resume it on the tenth day after your transplant.

4. On the day of your session and for 3 days afterwards, wear button-up clothing that does not need to be pulled over the head.

5. If you are being treated for any medical condition, please let us know.

6. After the treatment, we will give you a clear list of instructions to follow in order to optimize the regrowth of your hair. We will also provide you with a supply of saline solution to be sprayed on the treated area regularly, for 3 days after your DHI session.

Answers to Popular Questions

Thanks to the latest protocols, patients may opt out of complete shaving of the head prior the procedure.

DHI Direct Hair Implantation treatment is suitable for male and female patients.

In most of the cases, patients can return to work the next day after the session.

Cardio exercises and swimming can be resumed 2 weeks after the session. Intense exercises like weight lifting can be resumed after 4 weeks.

DHI treatment will not require any long-term medication, as implanted hair will not fall. However, Minoxidil applications are suggested to prevent the further falling or thinning of existing hair.

Complete results (i.e. fully-grown hair) takes up to 12 months. Hair growth, however, will be visible within two months.

In extreme hair loss cases, or when hairs on the back of the head are not enough to cover the recipient area, it is possible to use facial and body hair.

DHI treatment costs starts from P150,000. The actual cost depends on the needs and the expectations of the patient. We highly recommend consulting with DHI for a full diagnosis to know the full cost.

Consumer Guide to Hair Loss & Hair Transplants