The DHI Total Care System

The DHI Total Care System is a comprehensive approach to hair restoration. We account for four factors: patient psychology, mathematical analysis, patient medical background and artistic considerations

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Psychological Factor

Psychological empathy is paramount. We’ve designed a process that genuinely understands our patients’ feelings and manages their expectations accordingly.

Mathematical Factor

We use mathematical analysis to determine the best use of donor areas, design an implantation strategy, and plan for long-term treatments.

Medical Factor

We guarantee complete medical care every step of the way: during the initial examination, in writing prescriptions, during the procedure, and in constant post-procedural support.

Artistic Factor

Keen aesthetic sensibilities guide our specialists in working with patients to design stunning outcomes for their hair restoration.

Three Steps to Total Care


We begin every procedure with diagnosis. Every patient is examined through an alopecia test, which is administered using a state-of-the-art micro camera. They then undergo a brief but thorough interview in order to assess their psychological needs, identify key medical factors, and set clear expectations.
Our Diagnosis Process


We follow the DHI Global Medical Group’s standards for hair restoration. Our methods have been subjected to a constant cycle of innovation and improvement since our foundation in 1970. As such, every procedure offered by DHI is the result of many decades’ worth of perfection.

Our Diagnosis Process


We offer our full attention to patients long after each procedure is completed. Post-treatment check-ups ensure that all of our patients recover fully, and with minimal inconvenience. We also guarantee open lines of communication with each of our patients, and are ready to assist at a moment’s notice.
Our Diagnosis Process

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