The DHI method is in 100% Mag!

The DHI method on M6 in the story of the show 100% Mag: "Survey: they undergo surgery to find work! " "In the professional world, the physical aspect is a major asset. During job interviews, appearance, face, expressions are indeed the first signals perceived by...

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There is talk of DHI in “Madame Figaro”

“Since Caesar, who camouflaged his baldness under his laurel wreath, is the number one male obsession. And if more and more people dye their hair, the unluckiest of them, those who lose, now use micro-surgery techniques. They have the choice between the capillary...

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The DHI method and eyebrow transplant in Madame Figaro

Brand new eyebrows with the DHI method Take a hair and eyebrow into a utopia? Not at all. This is the new technical DHI (Direct Hair Implantation). Technique: it is practiced with two pens, one that extracts the hair – selected from fine hair and short neck – and...

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