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The Philippines is a fast-growing hotspot for visitors looking to avail of world-class medical procedures at globally competitive rates. The country ranks near the top of the International Healthcare Research Center’s Medical Tourism Index, thanks largely to the increasing number of clinics that offer treatments once found exclusively in the developed world.

Hair transplants are no different: the Philippines now counts among the list of countries that offer the latest and most advanced medical hair restoration procedures.

To help you take advantage of the opportunity to have a hair transplant while in Manila, we’ve prepared a quick checklist of features you should look for when considering a clinic.

1. Find a Clinic that Speaks Your Language

No matter how safe and straightforward they may be, hair transplants are still medical procedures, and patients should have perfect information before receiving treatment.

Language barriers can get in the way of that information, which is why it pays to invest in a clinic that can speak your language—or at the very least, hire an interpreter to make sure you understand the scope and implications of your transplant.

Our staff, for instance, is fluent in English, Spanish, and French, and can source the help of an interpreter should the need arise.

2. Always Look for Reviews before Committing to a Clinic

A quick Google Search can go a long way towards choosing the best clinic for you. We highly recommend looking up a clinic’s online reviews before making any commitments.

While a high score is a good indicator of quality, make sure you find reviews that come with write-ups and testimonials from real patients. Their stories can give you a better sense of what to expect from your options and tell you more about a clinic’s dedication to quality.

Client Testimonials

Quotation Mark

I had a hair transplant and PRP about 7 months ago. The service was excellent and the aftercare was absolutely outstanding.
- - - J.S. (Philippines)

The staff headed by their medical director were so friendly. Their knowledge of their craft and the details of the orientation was excellent.
- - - P.W. (USA)

The place is really clean and the staff takes care of you throughout everything. The treatment took the whole day, but it’s better for the procedure to take time so the results come out great!
- - - L.J. (Philippines)

The staff were very friendly and professional. I’ve done extensive research on which hair implant method would suit me and I found DHI.
- - - B.S. (Australia)

Very nice welcome. I was nervous at first, but felt better soon after because everyone explained the process very well.
- - - N.S. (Paris)

I researched implant procedures on and off for about 5 years before closing on DHI. My experience with DHI Philippines was absolutely fantastic.
- - - K.S. (Philippines)

I can wholeheartedly recommend the clinic with a service and result that exceeded my expectations.
- - - S.C. (USA)

The impossible is possible.
- - - A.B. (Philippines)

Now, I look fifteen years younger, and nobody can tell that I had any procedure done.
- - - L.B. (Philippines)

DHI gave me my hair back and it was a huge confidence builder.
- - - P.L. (Philippines)

Today marks the twelfth month since the day that I underwent the DHI Direct Hair Implantation procedure. After one year, I can say that I’m fully happy with the result.
- - - N.P. (Philippines)

Quotation Mark

3. Find a Hair Transplant Clinic with Experience in Dealing with Diverse Patients

Fun fact: not all hair or scalps are the same. A patient’s genetic background can have an effect on the curve of their hair follicles, the sensitivity or thickness of their scalp, and other factors that matter when it comes to a hair transplant.

We urge you to find a clinic with a strong international tradition on top of their years of experience. Older hair transplant clinics may in fact be at a disadvantage when it comes to helping you, especially if the majority of their clients share the same physical characteristics.

DHI Philippines is part of a global network of clinics, and part of our accreditation policy involves making sure that our doctors are trained to handle hair from all over the world. When a failed transplant can mean ruining your donor area and leaving you with unsavory results, it’s best to bet on tested professionals.

4. Know if Your Case is Handled by a Doctor from Start to Finish

It may surprise you to know that not all hair transplant clinics task their doctors with performing the procedure from start to finish. The job is sometimes left to nurses or technicians who—while we’re sure they’re very capable—haven’t undergone the same rigorous testing as doctors.

Ask if your case will be handled by a doctor from end-to-end, and don’t settle for anything short of a definitive “Yes” or “No.” As a patient, it’s your right to know.

5. Trust in the Latest Techniques

Hair transplants have come a long way from the days of hair plugs, but not every clinic in the country has done away with outdated methods such as follicular unit transplantation—the method that involves excising a chunk of scalp from the head.

The world’s most advanced techniques are available in the Philippines. You can find clinics offering later-generation transplants such as FUE or even direct hair implantation (DHI), the current gold standard for hair transplantation.

The Traveler’s Guide to Hair Transplants in Manila

Later techniques offer greater odds of graft survival (with DHI offering the industry’s highest, with an average of 97% of successful grafts), so your choice in a provider matters greatly.

Bonus Points: Find a Clinic that Can Help You Sort Travel and Lodging

If you’ve spent any time at all in Metro Manila, then you know that navigating the city can be a challenge. Between traffic and confusing urban planning, getting around can be tricky to say the least.

Some clinics offer concierge shuttle services and friendlier rates on hotel accommodations. While this doesn’t have much to do with the quality of your treatment, it can help to know that the details of your stay are taken care of.


Your hair is like a handshake: it’s one of the first impressions you make onto the world wherever you go. Trust only the world’s best clinics to perform treatments like hair transplants—after all, you only have the scalp and a limited pool of donor hair.

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