Certified by the DHI Academy of London

The DHI Academy of London is the only one of its kind in the world. As a world-class academy for hair restoration, it is dedicated to training doctors to perform our techniques with skill and precision.

Every year, around fifteen young doctors from countries across the globe are admitted to the DHI Academy to earn the credential of DHI master. They study theoretical aspects for several weeks, and may spend as long as 18 months acquiring their technical certifications.

Doctors are taught the mathematical, psychological, artistic and medical aspects of the DHI technique –only after which are they trained to perform the specific procedures of the DHI standard protocol, enabling them to practice in any DHI clinic around the world.

Since we give the highest priority to innovation, the Academy also offers updated annual refresher courses to keep practitioners abreast of, and become certified in, the latest advances in the field.

The Guiding Principles of DHI

DHI is renowned for its commitment to providing the highest quality hair restoration services. We focus on the individual and their specific hair loss problems in order to produce completely natural results in every case we handle.

We are research-driven, having invested 47 years into the study and development of hair loss solutions. We do this so that we can grow beyond the limitations of outdated techniques, and offer our clients innovative solutions that meet all of their expectations.

We also believe in standardising our processes and results to produce safe, uniform, and impressive results. Knowing that DHI Philippines follows strict protocols, you can be assured of perfect hair restoration at any our clinic.

Consumer Guide to Hair Loss & Hair Transplants