DHI Philippines

Innovative hair treatment and
restoration since 1970.

Top Quality Hair Restoration
since 2015

The medical and administrative specialists at DHI Philippines were trained to deliver the same premier brand of service as its counterparts around the world.

DHI Philippines works in tandem with its parent body: the DHI Global Medical Group. The team stays up-to-date with the latest practices and recommendations developed by the DHI Medical Group and its esteemed research advisory board.

DHI Philippines takes pride in its ability to deliver world-class hair restoration with a uniquely Filipino sense of care and hospitality –believing that total care means keeping its patients’ best interests in mind.

Delivering the Global Standard
in Hair Restoration

The DHI Global Medical Group was the first to implement standard operating procedures for hair restoration across all of its clinics. As such, the facilities, procedures, and equipment of DHI Philippines follow the DHI Global standard for quality.

This means that patients at DHI Philippines have access to the same gold standard of hair restoration as patients in London, Germany, and France.

Consumer Guide to Hair Loss & Hair Transplants